Woman doing yoga

Yoga has definitely grown in popularity in the past few years.  While it’s definitely not a new practice (the exact opposite, in fact), many people are learning the incredible benefits that come along with regular yoga practice.  Many people have known that yoga is great for reducing anxiety, stress and depression, even helping with health conditions.  But you probably never heard that yoga may help your acne!  What?!  Yep, we’re serious with this one.  There are some new findings that have discovered the relationship between yoga and acne.  There are actually some specific poses in yoga for acne – and we’re sharing the details so you can try them out yourself.

Soothing Red, Pitta Type Acne
If you’re struggling with acne breakouts that tend to be quite red and almost angry looking…you’re dealing with pitta type acne.  This specific acne is typically one that’s set off by emotions, and any emotional imbalances that you may be facing.  For this type of acne you’re going to want to focus on yoga poses that are great for soothing your emotions and calming you down.  It’s suggested to try the hidden lotus, fish, and/or bridge poses to give yourself that calming effect.

White or Blackhead Acne
If you typically experience acne in the result of whiteheads or blackheads, this is typically referred to as vata acne.  Experiencing some breakouts when you have vata acne tendencies is often due to imbalances that are typically gut or digestive related.  In turn, you’re going to want to aim to try yoga poses that are known to help with digestion and getting your blood moving better throughout your body.  Poses like the lotus, headstand and cobra are all known to help with these types of struggles to get your digestive issues on track and blood moving better throughout the body.

Deep or Cystic Acne
Do you find that your acne is almost deep rooted or cystic in appearance?  In general, many skin care experts suggest that this type of acne is the result of hormonal imbalances.  In turn, you’re going to need to focus on yoga poses that help to balance your hormones in a more even keel way.  Poses suggested to help balance hormones include the lion, boat, spinal twists, and the half wheel.

If you’ve been struggling with acne for a while and find that you just continue to struggle getting some relief, it’s definitely worth trying to incorporate some of these yoga poses.  Yoga is definitely a unique practice that has been found to yield incredible benefits in other ways, so it’s really no surprise that many people have found relief with their acne as well.  The important thing to remember is that being consistent about doing these types of yoga poses is going to be the best bet to help give you the relief you’re looking for with your acne.  It’s not likely to be something that you’re going to see results from after doing the poses one time, but be patient – it’s worth incorporating!