Unicorn inspired…everything! With the release of Starbucks’ limited edition unicorn-colored drink, there’s a continuing rise of popularity around unicorn-inspired things. Between specialty tricks and desserts to hair, we’re all really enjoying the colorful hues inspired by these mystical creatures. We’re totally on board with the unicorn inspiration taking place in so many areas of life. If you’ve been feeling the pull to try some unicorn inspiration yourself we’ve got some ideas for you! Try these summer unicorn inspired hair colors this summer…

Pastel Color Mixture
When you think of unicorns you likely think about different colors of pastel hues mixed together. One of the super unicorn inspired ways you can color your hair for the summer is by mixing those gorgeous pastel shades throughout your hair. Why choose just one color when you can incorporate multiple? If you’re really feeling the unicorn inspiration this is the perfect hair color option to try out for yourself. The key is going to a colorist that’s experienced in shading, fading and blending colors to have the mixture of colors appearing like they just blend seamlessly together. If you don’t want to color ALL of your hair in the mixture of pastel shades, you can even add a pastel mixture in an ombre color effect.

Blue hair

Monochromatic Color

More of a one-color kind of gal? No worries, you can still rock the unicorn inspired hair color using one color! Thanks to monochromatic (also thought of as ombre, or similar technique), you can get a variation of one color throughout your hair. That fading technique that’s so popular looks absolutely stunning in some of the unicorn-inspired colors (think pink, purple, blue, etc). This is a hair color idea that you can incorporate with pastel shades of colors or brighter hues-it’s really up to you! Incorporating a very light blonde/white shade on top and working your way into a gorgeous pastel shade is absolutely stunning, and a great way to get a little unicorn inspiration into your hair by just using one color throughout your hair.

One Bright Color Mixed with Pastel
Not really into all pastel hues throughout your hair? Another great unicorn inspired hair color that’s perfect for the summer is incorporating one bright color, and mixing that in with pastel shades. The great part about unicorn inspired hair is you can really choose the color(s) that you like the most, and feel most like YOU. The bright color that you choose is going to be the more pronounced shade in your hair, making the pop throughout. The pastel hues are going to accent and really blend into the bright color. To add some gorgeous unicorn inspired definition, we would suggest using the bright color on the majority of your hair, and on top and have the pastel shades peeking through/blending in subtly throughout the hair.

What do you think of the unicorn trend? Do you love it, hate it? Will you be trying any of these unicorn inspired hair colors this summer?