Woman applying cream on her skin

Pimples are probably one of the most frustrating things in terms of our skin, they seem to have a way of popping up at the WORST possible times, and just have us feeling annoyed until they go away.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the pimple clearing tip of using toothpaste to help it go away quicker.  We’ve heard it countless times, so we finally set out to see if there’s any truth behind this age-old beauty tip.  Because we wanted to know, and of course we had to let you know whether there’s any real truth behind it.

While we’ve heard about toothpaste on pimples for years, and you may have even tried it at some point in your life, based on our research and what skin experts are saying…there’s no real benefit to using toothpaste on your pimples.  What many experts have said is that while toothpaste does actually contain a lot of great ingredients that can be really beneficial to your skin (more specifically pimples), it’s not any more effective than any other treatment for pimples.  In fact, the other ingredients in toothpaste can actually irritate your skin.  The skin irritation that occurs on your skin can be mistaken for healing the pimple because it’s likely it causes your skin to turn red, dry and start to peel.  Many of us think that are the healing process but experts have said it’s actually your skin just getting irritated from the toothpaste and just happens to disappear throughout the process.

According to the articles that we came across where doctors and skin care experts were interviewed, they stress that toothpaste was created for your teeth and not your skin – which is why it’s causing irritations to your skin!  It’s really important to use products that are sensitive enough for your skin, because our skin is clearly more sensitive than our teeth!  Not to mention they have completely different needs.  So while it would be great to find out that using something as simple as toothpaste could clear pimples, it still looks like it’s best to stick with products and treatments that are specific to your skin.  Opting for products contains benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acids are found to be much more beneficial acne spot treatments than the toothpaste method.  They’ve actually even done a study and had a bunch of students try the toothpaste method, a huge number of the students reported that they experienced a great deal of skin irritation.

So next time you have a pimple pop up at an annoying time – forego the toothpaste and instead stick with a product that’s specifically designed to help with pimples.  While we’re all about home remedies and natural approaches toothpaste isn’t one of those.  But also keep in mind that sometimes our skin needs to go through the natural healing process, so as much as we want to rush a pimple’s healing process it’s also crucial we don’t overdo it causing more problems down the line.

What at-home pimple treatments have you found work well?