woman shampooing

Washing your hair is typically something that we don’t think a whole lot about. We’re taught to wash our hair with shampoo and conditioning products from the time we’re young and continue those habits into adulthood. As the technology and information on hair care becomes more and more advanced, we’re discovering a lot of in depth details about washing our hair that many of us weren’t aware of before. Deep cleansing shampoo products (also called clarifying shampoo) have been getting more air time in the industry. Since this is a newer hair care product we thought we would talk a bit more in depth on the best time to use a deep cleansing shampoo.

Deep cleansing shampoos are great for, well…getting a nice deep cleanse in your hair. Our hair tends to get built up with product and oil throughout our daily lives and traditional shampoos aren’t able to always get that build up out of your hair. Clearly, this is where deep cleansing shampoos come into play. However, unlike traditional shampoo products deep cleansing shampoos aren’t something that you want to use on a daily basis (or even every time you wash your hair). Because deep cleansing shampoos are much stronger in their ability to eliminate build up and oils in your hair and scalp, they can also strip your hair of its natural moisture and oils too much when they’re used too often.

So when is the best time to use a deep cleansing shampoo? Experts suggest that you should only need to use a deep cleansing shampoo once a month to get the benefits from the product, and not have any damage done to your hair. If you’re looking to use a deep cleansing shampoo for maintenance then get into the habit of using it in your hair at least once a month to get a nice deep clean on your hair. In addition to not using this type of hair care product too often, experts also suggest that the best time to use a deep cleansing shampoo is after you’ve gotten your hair colored. It’s said that if you notice that your hair color (especially when colored a light hue) appears dull after you’ve gotten it colored, using a deep cleansing shampoo can help brighten the color up really easily.

Simple enough, right? Using a clarifying shampoo at the right time and the right amount can really make a gorgeous difference in your hair’s appearance and health. We don’t really realize how heavy our hair can get from buildup that’s acquired in our daily habits. Using a deep cleansing shampoo is a great way to eliminate that build up and leave your hair looking and feeling much lighter, brighter and vibrant. Who doesn’t want that? Of course, just like with any hair care product it’s important to make sure that you do a bit of research and make sure that the deep cleansing shampoo you choose to use is formulated to work with your hair type.