Brunette outdoors

Brunette beauties we’re talking to you! Ladies who are feeling the urge to go brunette, we’re talking to you too. So often during the summer months there’s a lot of chatter about blonde and lighter color hair trends. Truthfully, we love brunette locks just as much during the summer months. If you’re a brunette, or want to be one, we’ve uncovered some of the best summer hair trends for brunettes this season. There’s always some changes in trends with the seasons so if you’re eager to stay on trend and embrace darker locks you’re in the right place.

Brunette Mixed with Different Highlights
Brunette hair color is gorgeous no matter what time of year it is, one of the major trends for summer hair in the darker hues is mixing in some defined highlights. Typically, in the summer time it’s all about lightening up our look from the dark winter months. What better way to do that than with highlights? We’ve always seen highlights take more prominence in the summer, but the difference this summer season is the defined highlight aspect. Defined highlights are a bit of a throwback to the 90’s revival we’re in and a great way to lighten up brunette locks for the season.

Almost Black with Dimension
Another huge summer hair trend for brunettes this year is the almost black hair color. This dark of a hair color isn’t typically something we see during the summer months, but that’s also why it’s pretty amazing! We’ve already seen some ladies rocking an almost black shade of brunette, but the twist that this hair color is  getting for the summer months is adding in a few lighter tones throughout the hair. It’s a great way to add some dimension to an otherwise flat feeling color. The REAL twist may be that the lighter colors are in red/purple tones, not necessarily the brunette family. It’s a great way to add a little color to your hair and a different take on hair that sits in that almost black shade.

Bronde hair

While blonde is typically pretty trendy this time of year, this summer it’s really all about the bronde hair. If you’re a brunette kind of gal, or you’re feeling the darker hues, the addition of bronde hair could be exactly what you’re looking for. Bronde is a new term in the beauty world, it’s literally the combination of blonde and brown hair colors. Jennifer Lopez has stepped out in this bronde hair color and it’s a gorgeous combination, if we do say so ourselves. The great thing about this particular summer hair trend for brunettes is you’re getting the best of both gorgeous hair colors by combining them. You’re getting the softer, lighter feel from the blonde tones and the warmth from the brunette. Win-win!

What are the summer hair trends for brunettes that you’re loving this year? Will you be trying them out for yourself?