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Summer is going to be here before we know it – can you hardly wait?!  We’re all usually pretty excited for summer to arrive after we’ve faced the winter months for an extended period of time. Of course, with the change in seasons usually comes the desire for us to want to change up our hair…that includes the guys, too! Want to keep your guy updated as we make our way to the summer months?  We’ve found some great summer hair cuts for your guy to give him some ideas to change his look with the seasons.

Short Textured hair
One of the popular hair cut styles that can be great for guys this summer, has to be the short textured hair cut.  The sides are worn short, with a bit of a fade towards the nape of the neck and a distinct line where the faded part meet the top portion.  The top portion of the hair is left a bit longer, but still on the short side but texture is added to it.  The texture addition is great to add a bit of a fashionable twist to a guy’s hair style, it’s easy to style since it’s worn short and your guy can just add a bit of hair product to add a little more texture to the mix.

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Short, Slicked hair
In the summer time, the guys are just like the ladies and typically want to deal with less hair because of the heat that we have weather wise.  Of course, there are the traditional short hair styles for guys but if your guy is wanting something a bit different the short, slicked back hair could be another great option for him.  With this hair style the sides are shaved, and the back of the head is left pretty short as well.  The front portion of the hair is left shorter, but long enough (just long enough) to be worn in a slicked back way.  It’s a fun update to a shorter hair cut for men that’s unique and modern.

Skin Fade + Design
There’s something about the warmer months that has many of us feeling a bit bolder and wanting to have more fun with our looks.  After we’ve been inside all winter – we’re ready to break out in a different look.  This summer, it’s all about the hair designs for the guys.  One of the most versatile ways to have your guy rock a hair design is to have a skin fade done on the sides and back of the hair, leaving some hair a bit longer on top.  The skin fade area is free to work in different designs and because the hair is so short many guys are able to switch up the designs every time they get a hair cut.  Pretty cool, right?  If your guy is all about experimenting and trying new things – this could be the perfect summer hair cut for him.