woman smiling sunshine

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and since it’s an organ that’s exposed to so many external elements, it’s effected by things quite differently the rest of our organs. You already know that the sun wreaks havoc on our skin, sun damage is said to be one of the leading causes of premature aging in the skin–among other skin issues. But we got to thinking and wondered if there are skin zones that are more susceptible to sun damage than others, and we found some interesting details on this very topic.

Facial Skin Zone
Here’s the deal: when we’re outside in the sun typically our face is pretty exposed. The sun naturally hits the areas of our face like forehead, nose and cheeks pretty prominently (which is often why sun damage is more likely to occur in this particular skin zone).  In addition, since we tend to have our face exposed more often than the rest of our skin throughout the months outside of summer, it’s exposed to the sun much more often. Kind of makes sense, right?

Neck and Chest Skin Zone
One of the other common areas that tends to show signs of sun damage much more frequently is the neck and chest skin zone area. Why? Well, most people tend to forget to apply sun protection products to those areas for starters. Since it’s a highly forgotten area with sun protection, it’s also why we tend to notice signs of sun damage a lot more often there. In addition, the skin in this area is pretty delicate and thinner than other skin areas making it even more susceptible.

hands in sunlight

Hand Skin Zone
Surprised by this one? Well similar to the neck and chest skin zone, many of us tend to forget to protect our hands from the sun. Really, we forget to provide our hands with really any skin care treatment if we’re really honest with ourselves. Again, much like the skin on our neck and chest our hand’s skin is pretty delicate and thin, so not protecting it from the sun is even more severe in this skin zone area. Aside from sun damage, many experts suggest that our hands are often the first place that shows signs of aging–many say it’s because of the sun damage that we get throughout our lives.

Do any of these skin zones surprise you?  For the most part, our skin zones that are the most delicate, thin and tend to be forgotten about tend to be more susceptible to sun damage than the other areas of our bodies. This is a great example as to why we need to make sure that we are treating all of our skin equally and not missing any key areas that can develop damage. This is especially true when it comes to sun damage, since our skin is so affected by the sun. Make sure you’re not missing any areas of your skin for protection!