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We all know someone personally, or a public figure that seems to never age, or those lucky ladies that seem to age in reverse. We got to thinking about these seemingly ageless beauties; what is it that they know, that the rest of us don’t?  Their skin seems to appear completely flawless for years and years.  We wanted to know more so we did some searching and were able to discover skin care tips from ageless beauties that we just HAD to share with you, because we know you want to learn from these ageless beauties just like we do.

They Stay Healthy
Many of these ageless beauties have shared that they understand the importance of what we eat, and how it impacts their beauty.  That being said, many of them focus on eating a healthy, well balanced diet to make sure their skin and bodies are getting the proper nutrients necessary.  What does that look like?  Typically, avoiding a lot of sugar and processed foods and replacing them with more fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

They Keep Things Simple
Throughout our research, we found that some of these ageless beauties had something in common that was quite interesting.  They have a pretty simple skin care routine.  Many of them swear by keeping things simple and straight to the point, and have found really amazing results by sticking to that advice.  As it turns out, sometimes less really is more!

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They Make Hydration a Priority
You may have heard, or even read one of our past topics talking about hydration, and as it turns out the ageless beauties we found some tips from believe in the importance of hydration as well.  Many of these ageless beauties have shared at various times that one of the steps they focus on the most when it comes to taking care of their skin is maintaining hydration in their skin.  This means drinking enough water, having a really great moisturizing product, and even doing a hydrating mask on a fairly consistent basis.  Hey, if it works for them, it’s not just all talk – right?

They Avoid Chemicals & Irritants
Notice how ageless beauties seem to constantly have radiant skin?  Many of them have shared that in addition to keeping things simple, they avoid products and beauty treatments that have a lot of harsh chemicals or irritants in them.  This means staying away from a lot of fragrance filled products, and anything that’s not on the more natural side of things.  Guess it’s not just a ‘trend’ after all, if these ageless beauties are keeping things more natural – it clearly works!

Did you think these ageless beauties were going to have some super complicated beauty routines they follow?  So did we!  But as it turns out, keeping things simple and strategic is really all your skin needs to help you incorporate some of the skin care tips these ageless beauties follow.