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Beauty disasters… we all have them and they tend to happen at the worst time (not that there’s ever a good time to have a beauty disaster).  You know we’re always about bringing you as many solutions to any beauty related problems you may be struggling with.  So today we’re bringing you the skin care 911: your biggest beauty disasters solved.  The truth is, dealing with beauty disasters doesn’t have to be another disaster, it can be completely doable and calm the madness and we’re showing you how to do exactly that.

Streaky Tans
Self tanning lotions are pretty amazing, and they’ve really improved in recent years.  However, sometimes if you were in a rush when applying some self tanning lotion it can lead to having some streaky tan spots to popping up.  Talk about inconvenient, right?  If you’ve found yourself in a self tanning disaster where you’ve got some streakiness happening the first thing you need to do is exfoliate the area where the streaks are – using something like a loofah or exfoliating mitt will do the trick.  If you find the simple exfoliating alone isn’t evening things out quite enough, run your skin under warmer water and use some lemon juice over the skin with the loofah and it will help to even out those streaks.

Woman with acne

The Out of Nowhere Breakout
Oh breakouts… it’s like they aim to pop up unexpectedly at exactly the moment when you don’t need them to.  Sometimes it’s a case where you’re getting ready to head out the door and realize that a big zit is beginning to form – the worst!  Ok, so if you’ve had a breakout come out of nowhere, the first thing to do is NOT try to pop it or pick at it – that will truly only make matters worse.  Instead, experts suggest applying a bit of visine (yes the eye drops) to take away any redness (if you have any).  In addition, apply some spot treatment made specifically for healing zits.  Before heading out, you’re going to want to use some concealer to cover it up.  The key to covering a zit is to actually apply the concealer under your foundation, and dab the product on with your finger/small brush to get more coverage.

Bruise or Pigment Change in Particular Areas
Whether you’ve gotten a bruise or black eye from an accident, or some other type of struggle that’s similar…it’s never fun to step out with it for the world to see.  Fortunately, makeup can do wonders when you feel like it’s a total beauty disaster.  Using color correcting concealers will do the trick to help you cover that beauty disaster quickly.  The key to using this method to solve your beauty disaster is to neutralize the spot you’re trying to cover (you want to do this prior to applying your foundation).  Think of the color wheel and you’re going to want to apply a concealer color that’s on the opposite side of the wheel from the dominant color of the bruise.  For example, if it’s red use green, if it’s blue/purple use yellow.