The past year has really been all about bringing styles and trends that were popular in the 90’s and early 00’s new again. Truly, the great thing about beauty and fashion is that trends and styles are recycled and rebooted every so often. With so many throwback styles making their way, we’ve really been feeling like it is time to reboot these childhood hairstyles. Don’t worry-we’re going to dive into what childhood hair styles we think it’s time to reboot and we’ve already noticed some celebs and beauty icons rebooting some old hair trends!

Does anything scream childhood hair styles like pigtails? Not anything that we can think of! Pigtails are a hair style that, like ponytail braids, are a staple throughout most girls childhood. Well in the spirit of making childhood hair styles new again, we’re pretty excited to share that pigtail hair styles have been getting a major reboot recently. Everything from French braids to pigtail buns and the combination of braids and buns are being done in a pigtail hair style form. Adding a zig zag part, or braids and different hair colors are super easy ways to reboot the traditional pigtail hair style. Let’s face it, pigtails have a fun youthful feel to them and they’re perfect to keeping your hair out of your face during the warm weather months.

Low Ponytail Braids
Ah, the low ponytail braids. They’ve always been a go to hair style, and were especially popular in the 90’s. Remember the queen twins of the 90’s, Mary Kate and Ashley? They were always rocking low ponytail braids when they were young. But they’re a great example of rebooting a childhood hair style because they’ve recently been seen rocking the low ponytail braid again. The best way to really reboot this type of traditional, throwback hair style is to create natural texture in your hair before creating the braid. The new low ponytail braid is more about the undone look and feel of it, rather than the perfectly polished old school look.


Straight, Blunt Bangs
Another look that was really popular during many childhood hair days. Most women grew up with blunt, straight across bangs at some point during their childhood. Especially if you grew up in the 90’s. Much like the low ponytail braid, blunt straight across bangs have gotten a new reboot recently. While the straight across bangs were more about piecey type of look worn with curly/wavy hair, the reboot of this hair style is all about created blunt, full bangs worn with super straight hair. The super straight locks paired with the blunt bangs creates a super updated and edgy feel to the flashback hair style.

What do you think about making some of these childhood hair styles new again? Do you have a favorite you’re going to try to reboot? Or have you already?