We’re well into 2017 and we’re also starting to see a shift in trends happening. Personally, we love that new years bring new trends–it’s such a fun way to switch things up with your look, especially with your hair color. Hair color trends are constantly changing and evolving; it’s a great way to get an update to your look and have some fun! With so many different hair colors being popular in the past year or so, you may be wondering what colors to try out for yourself. We’re sharing some of our favorite hot hair colors to try in 2017 to give you a little inspiration.

Icy Blonde
Blonde hair is always popular for the spring and summer months, after the winter season many of us are ready for something a bit lighter as we welcome more sunshine and warmer weather.  But of course, there’s always a bit of a shift in blonde hues from year to year and we’re kind of loving the blonde variation that’s popular this year.  Instead of the traditional golden blonde hues that we’ve seen in years past, this year it’s all about the icy blonde hair.  Essentially, instead of the golden tones mixed in, the blonde hair color is on the cooler side with cool undertones instead.  It’s a fresh take on the traditional blonde hair that we all know and love, and a totally hot hair color for 2017.

The Bronde
This hair color is exactly what you would think it is: a combination of blonde and brown hair.  For quite a few years now we’ve had variations of the ombre hair and basically just different treatments to include multi-dimensional hair colors.  This year it’s all about combining brunette and blonde hair together to create this seamless combination that’s multi-dimensional and pretty gorgeous.  Who said you have to choose between being blonde or brunette?  Now you get to have the best of both!

Woman with red hair

The Rise of the Red
You may have noticed there’s been a rise in red hair growing and many experts believe it’s going to be the color of the spring season for many ladies.  It seems that now more than ever women are taking a plunge for red hair, and not just subtle red hair: they’re going for the bright red hair color that’s quite a statement.  It’s a super fun way to switch things up. We’ve all been focused on being brunette or blonde for so long that we forgot about the gorgeous red hues we can rock!

Chocolate Brown
While we typically think of lighter hair colors for the spring and summer months, many experts have said that they think there’s going to be a lot of chocolate brown hair being worn on the locks of ladies everywhere this year.  It’s a gorgeous hair color that looks great on so many women.  Additionally, it’s a great way to accent all the fun clothing trends we’re already seeing for 2017–without over powering them.

There are quite a few hot hair color trends for 2017. Which one do you think you’re going to try for yourself?