icy blonde

Changing up your hair color is always fun to do, especially as we transition to different seasons. There’s something about the change in weather and seasons that has so many of us itching to schedule an appointment with our colorist to switch up our hair look. This summer is going to be filled with some pretty fun hair color trends, if we do say so ourselves. If you’re looking for some hair color inspiration, these are hair colors that you’ll want to try for summer…

Icy Blonde
Let’s face it, every summer as we’re drawn to lighter hues, blonde locks tend to take the cake. But you’re probably ready for an updated take on the blonde locks, right? The past couple of months we’ve seen quite a few celebs and beauty influencers coloring their hair in an icey blonde color and it’s perfect for the summer season. It’s a great way to really lighten up your hair color for the summer season, but the icey/cool tone to the hue gives it a totally different twist to the typical blonde hair color. It’s an edgier take to the typical warm toned blonde color we’ve always loved and admired, making it the perfect modern version of the blonde locks we all know and love.

orange fusion hair

Orange Fusion
You may have noticed some orange hues making their way into locks of ladies already, but you can definitely expect to see more orange fusion as we make our way into the summer season. The orange hue started with the ‘blorange’ hair color combination of blonde and orange, and it’s continuing to gain momentum. So many of us have tried brunette and blonde color into our hair, but if you’re looking for something a little different that just screams summer colors it’s all about fusing some orange tones into your hair color. What’s more summery than a bright, happy color?

Bright Red
The past year or so ladies have gotten a lot more adventurous with different hair colors, and while we’ve seen different shades of red this summer it’s really all about the bright red colors. As the weather gets warmer, most of us are really drawn to lighter and brighter colors…hair included! If you like red locks, consider opting for a super bright tone of red for the summer season. It’s a bold color that’s a fresh take on the traditional red hair color.

Woman with green hair

Green Tones
You’ve probably noticed quite a few bold, unique colors are definitely trending in the past year. We’ve had everything from purple to pink to blue. It’s a great way to really use your hair color as a form of self-expression and do something totally different with your hair color. This summer one of the bold hair colors we’re already noticing is the addition of green tones into locks. The green tone is airing on the minty green side, but you can definitely incorporate the green tone in a way that works for you.