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Makeup, hair and beauty-oh the possibilities! As we quickly approach the summer season the must know beauty trends are making their presence incredibly known. While there are often incredibly chic makeup trends, this summer hair color is the new summer makeup. Yep! Natural makeup is in and statement making hair the new focus. There are quite a few gorgeous hair color trends you can expect to see this summer and we’re sharing a few of our favorites to give you a little hair inspiration as we approach the warm weather months.

Brown Hair with Red Touches
Traditionally, light color locks tend to be the most popular hair color trends for the summer season. However, with the shift in beauty trends for the season really being a hair color focus we’re looking forward to seeing some darker hue hair colors making their way. One of the most popular trending darker hair colors this summer is all about adding red tones into the traditional brown hair color. Instead of the traditional blonde highlights mixed in that we’ve seen for quite a few years, replacing them with red tones! It’s a super fun and edgy way to change things up and make a statement in a warm and earthy way.

Another uber popular hair color trend this summer is the rise of blorange. Blorange is pretty much exactly what it sounds like…the combination of blonde and orange (yes we said orange). This is a total statement making hair color that’s sure to add a fun, unique twist to your look. Blorange is also a perfect example of hair colors replacing the bold makeup looks, with a bold hair color like blorange you want to opt for more subtle makeup so you’re not overpowering your natural beauty too much! Other variations of this type of hair color include rose inspired hair color and rose gold. It’s really up to your interpretation, but know that they’re all gorgeous statement makers that are sure to give you major summer vibes.

blonde hair

The New Grown Out Blonde
Of course, summer trends aren’t complete without SOME lighter blonde hair color. While it’s always really been about the classic blonde hair colors for the summer this summer we’ve got a different, bolder take on the blonde hues. Whatever blonde color you like, can be worn in the new way because it’s really about leaving some darker, more grown out looking roots at the base of the hair. We’ve had quite a few hair color techniques like ombre that have had similar feels. This specific blonde hair color trend is an updated take on the ombre trend, with not as much of the darker color at the base of the hair. Since it’s subtly darker at the base of the hair, it adds some depth and warmth to blonde hair. The best bonus of this particular statement making hair trend is that you’re able to go a bit longer between color touchups because the roots are a bit grown out looking.