The annual MTV Video Music Awards is much more than an awards show. It’s a huge party for your favorite celebrities, as well as a chance for you to see some of the hottest fashions. You may not have the bank roll to afford all the designer fashions, but you can replicate some of the makeup and hairstyle looks with products from your local drug store.

Here are a few of the trends seen at this year’s VMAs that can serve as inspiration for your new look:

Woman with slicked-back hair.

Slicked Back Hair
Short hair, long hair — straight hair, curly hair — it all looks stylish when you slick it straight back. Put a little gel in your hair and push it away from your forehead, straight back toward the nape of your neck. You’ll have a sophisticated look that’s just like Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian at the VMAs this year. The look is versatile enough to work for a casual date or even a formal event.

Woman with side-swept hair.

Side-Swept Hair
If you don’t want to push your hair to the back, you can push it to the side. Don’t just do a typical side part. Go a little farther to the side than you usually would for a more dramatic look. Instead of slicking the hair down with gel, you’ll keep it in place with some hair spray.

People sporting this look at the VMAs this year included Taylor Swift and Cara Delevigne. Many other celebrities have been showing off the look at other events recently, as well.

Woman with dark lined eyes.

Dark Lined Eyes
The dramatic look is in style. Check out Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and others at the VMAs for this look. Line the upper lid and lower water line to accent the eye and create a sophisticated look. You’ll want to limit this look to the evening hours as it can be a little too strong for every day wear.

Woman with bangs.

Although there is some debate as to whether or not they were clip in extensions, Kylie Jenner, whose looks change with the weather, went with a blunt black bang. Cute and clean, Kylie kept it classy with a sleek do that actually looked pretty great! Word to the wise: If you are even considering bangs, go pro! Don’t risk cutting these yourself.

Anything Goes!
According to Miley Cyrus – yes, Hannah Montana – pretty much anything goes is the phase this dice roller is sporting right now. From barely there fashions to short, platinum hair, it seems as if Cyrus’s unpredictability is what is hot now. So, get comfy – we are pretty certain that this trend will NOT last!

What other hair and makeup styles did you see at this year’s VMAs that got you inspired? Will you be trying out any of these looks?