So often, we tend to talk about the ladies and hair styles and beauty tips that are female focused. But guys, we haven’t forgotten about you! We thought we’d take a little time to share some of the guy hair styles that are trending right now. Because we know guys want to stay up to date just like the ladies. So guys, if you feel like you’re ready for a little hair style update you’re in the right place because we’re giving you some great inspiration and trend vibes to keep you on point this season.

High Volume on Top
One thing that’s for sure, this season it’s all about having more volume on top in guys hair styles. This hair style is perfect for the guy with thicker hair, since your hair already has a lot of natural volume. To really create the trending look, opt for a bit longer of a look on top to really emphasize the volume, but create a short fade on the sides and bottom of the hair. It’s all about that distinct volume on the top and short on the bottom of the hair.

Men's hairstyle

Texture Leading to a Sharp Fade
Notice a bit of a theme? It’s all about texture and volume this season in the guy’s hair style trends. If you don’t have really thick hair, or natural volume the textured look can be a great alternative for you. Keeping your hair on the longer side on top and having a lot of natural texture (or creating the texture with the use of some texturizing products) and working that into a distinctive fade is all over the place this season for guys. Some guys are going for the bald fade, but the fading part of your hair is really all about what you like the most for yourself and your own hair.

Slicked Back Texture
Yes, again with the texture–you can’t miss the texture and volume note for the guy’s trends! If you’re not really into the fading aspect of a hair style this may be a better trendy hair style route for you. The slicked back hair style is definitely back on trend this season, but with a bit of a twist with the addition of texture emphasized. Typically, slicked back hair styles are thought to require a lot of hair styling but with the texture element it doesn’t have to be perfect–in fact, it really shouldn’t be to stay on trend here. Simply add some texturizing product to your hair and apply in a slicked back motion– that’s really all you need to do here! Easy, right?

The theme of guy’s trending hair styles is all about texture, volume and mixing up the fading element of hair styles this season. You have a lot of room to express your own personal style and switch things up this season, that’s for sure. Get some inspiration for your own hair look and step outside your norm to try something a little different for the spring.