Ponytails are a favorite go to hair style for us all. What’s not to love about a good ponytail, anyways? Well, ok we know-throwing your hair up a classic ponytail can feel a bit overdone at times. It’s such an easy go to hair style it doesn’t always have the best reputation. But everyone knows that ponytails are a great hair style, and if you’re like us you’re always up for finding new ways to give a solid classic (like a ponytail) a fresh twist. We found some really fun ideas for playing up your ponytail to give you a little hair-inspo.

The Fishtail Ponytail
Oh braids, they’re such a fun hair style aren’t they? Well why not combine two classic hair styles to create one ultra-chic look?! That’s exactly what you can do to play up your ponytail. Simply pull back your hair in a traditional ponytail, instead of just leaving the tail of the ponytail down use that hair to create a fishtail braid and you’re done! It’s easy to create and you can have a lot of fun with mixing up the fishtail braid, loosening up some of the pieces of the braid to give a more relaxed feel or leaving it in its glory.

Add Some Accessories
Even if you’re all about sticking with the classic ponytail look, and changing up the texture of your hair to give it a little switch, it can feel like you’re wearing your hair the same way all the time. One of the super easy, and fun, ways to really play up your ponytail without adding any extra styling efforts is incorporating some hair accessories! Adding pins or metal bar-like accessories to your ponytail hair style is such an easy way to give your ponytail a completely different look and feel. Adding the accessories at the base of the ponytail will help to incorporate the hair accessories in a way that really flows with the whole style. Plus, you can find SO many different accessorizing pieces to really switch things up easily.

  • wrapped ponytail

Wrap the Ponytail
Another way to add some major chic value to your classic ponytail hair style is to wrap the ponytail! Ok, if you’re not quite sure what we mean here we’re talking about using a small section of your hair to wrap around the rubber band that’s holding the ponytail in place. There are a few different ways you can even change up this ponytail look. You can try it out by just using a small section of hair and wrapping it around the base of the ponytail and securing the piece tightly. Another option is to do the same exact thing but first braiding (or twisting) the small section of hair to add a completely different look and feel to the same type of technique for the ponytail.

If you’ve been feeling like the ponytail is an outdated hair style-try these fun ideas out, you’re sure to have an entirely new take on what you’ve been thinking about ponytails!