friends doing manicures

Beauty treatments are one of those things that so many of us love and really enjoy doing, but don’t often actually set aside the time to pamper ourselves. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a little time with friends either. We got to thinking about how great it is to combine beauty treatments and time with friends, and really, is there a better combo? There are SO many different beauty treatments and rituals available to us, so we thought we would share some of our favorite beauty treatments to do with friends to give you a little inspiration for you and your friends.

Manicures and Pedicures
Manicures and pedicures had to be at the top of our list of beauty treatments to do with friends because it’s such a great treatment to do as a group. Typically, there are nail salons that have a grouping of nail stations so you can get pampered and enjoy some quality time with your friends pretty easily. Whether you’re one that consistently gets your nails done or not, there’s something about getting your nails done with friends that makes the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone there.

This is another beauty treatment that we think is even more fun to do when you go with friends. Whether you’re getting a blowout for a night out, or any other special occasion, there’s something about a blowout that’s similar to getting your nails done with a group. Typically, when you go to a specialized blowout salon you should be able to schedule appointments at the same time–and many of these types of salons offer champagne or beverages to clients to enjoy during their appointment. It’s a fun ‘getting ready’ beauty treatment that’s perfect to do with friends.

friends doing facials

Facials or Massages
Ok, so we realize that getting a facial and/or massage is something you typically do alone in a room while you’re getting the treatment. However, when you’re splurging on a little self-care in a beauty treatment we’re all about making it about the whole experience. Setting up a spa day to get facials and/or massages with your friends is great because you can make an afternoon (or evening) out of it by heading to lunch/dinner before or after your treatment. In addition, many spas have saunas and Jacuzzis that you’re able to enjoy after your services.  Let’s face it, it’s more fun to be able to enjoy those luxuries with friends.