The fashion industry is getting a blast from the past with these five 90’s looks that are hot right now.

The 90’s is often talked about in a nostalgic way, 90’s kids are pretty proud to be born during the era and it was just before the age of smartphones, so there was no shortage of face to face communication and funny family sitcoms. The good news is, even though the 90’s are over, some of your favorite fashion pieces are back and totally in style to rock right now. So go ahead, relive your childhood and indulge in these sweet 90’s styles making an unexpected comeback.

Girls wearing overalls

Overalls are great because they are so versatile. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels or booties and a shimmery crop top for a night out with friends, or you can go for a more relaxed look with Chucks or Keds and a simple scoop neck t-shirt. Either way, this piece is sure to make a statement no matter what occasion you’re rocking them at.

Lace choker necklace

Choker Necklaces
Choker necklaces are back, but this time around, they’ve gotten a pretty big facelift. You may remember chokers being the elastic floss-like material that were inexpensive to buy and in basic colors like black, blue and red. Now, they can come covered in charms, with different colored jewels and even drenched in diamonds. They’re perfect for dressing up a strapless dress, jumpsuit or even a sleeveless shirt. Since your shoulders and neck will be bare, a choker pulls the entire outfit together.

Woman wearing leopard print dress and cat eye sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunnies
No summer (or fall) outfit is really complete without a pair of sunnies and cat eye sunglasses add just the right amount of personality that makes you look strong, independent and ready to take on the day.

Model wearing flatform sneakers.

Flatform Sneakers/Sandals
These shoes were really just the original wedges and now they’re back to claim their place in the world. What’s great about flatform shoes is that they are fairly easy to walk in, but they still give that added height that comes with heels. They also come in all types of colors, patterns and styles to match almost any occasion and go perfectly with skinny jeans or your favorite A-Line skirt. Photo:

high waist jeans

High Waisted Shorts/Pants
This style has not only taken denim by storm, but all types of material, including bathing suites. Not only does it help create the illusion of a small waist, it pairs great with just about any top, especially crop tops. Throw on some chunky heels to pull the outfit together and you’re out the door.

So if you’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, wishing you could go back in time, take some time and go rummaging through old clothes or hit one of your favorite stores and treat yourself one of these 90’s trends making a comeback. You’ll feel great rocking the style and you’ll be on trend.