Pregnant woman

Are you a new mom? First and foremost, congratulations! This is such an exciting time in your life. Becoming a new mom is full of love, excitement and change. Of course with that change comes a need for different hair styles that keep your hair out of the way, but also keep you feeling good about yourself. It can be a tough balance to find but it’s definitely possible. We know time is limited now, so we found some easy hair styles for new moms that we think you’re really going to love-and will likely be your go to hair styles at this point in your life.

Top Knot
Now that you’re a new mom, keeping your hair out of your face and out of reach from your newborn is a top priority. Fortunately, one of the easiest and most functional hair styles to help accomplish both of those needs is the top knot. Whether you’ve been a top knot woman in the past, or not, now is the time to embrace the top knot for all it’s worth. It’s great because you’re able to truly keep your hair out of your face and not have to worry about it, but it’s also a trendy way to wear your hair.

Twist to Side Braid
Low ponytail braids are always an easy go to hair style when you want your hair out of the way. But as a new mom, you probably don’t want the excess fly away pieces that tend to come with that type of hair style. Don’t worry though, we have a way to help you solve that dilemma. Begin by parting your hair in a side part. Instead of immediately pulling your hair into the low ponytail and begin braiding, you first want to take the bang area near your face and create a twist with that hair from the top of the part, until you reach the area you begin braiding. Secure the twist with a bobby pin and once you’ve done that simply use the rest of the hair to create the traditional low ponytail braid. It’s just as easy, but will ensure that your hair stays out of your face a whole lot better than just sticking with the braid.

Mom Approved Half Up Hair
Half up hair styles are another go to for so many women, new mom or not. You’ve probably styled your hair in the half up hair style plenty of times even before you became a mom. Similar to the low ponytail braid, half up hair styles are great but once you reach new mom territory, they need a little revising to give you the full benefit in your needs now. Our favorite way to create a mom approved half up hair style that’s still stylish is to first create the half up style (this is great because your hair length doesn’t matter) and to keep the hair even more secure add a headband to your hair.