Preparing to take a flight can be a stressful, exhausting process with all of the packing, trip planning, lack of sleep, and racing around to get last minute items to bring along. Dressing for your trip to the airport is probably the last thing on your mind – but, of course, it is something of importance once it comes down to the wire. Lionesse brings you some helpful tips on how you should dress for the airport to stay comfortable and fashion snafu free while traveling.

Woman wearing comfortable clothing in an airport.

Dress Comfortably
Let’s face it – if you have a long flight ahead, you more than likely won’t want to dress to the nine’s in your designer heels, a dress, and tons of makeup. Rather, you should opt for comfortability instead. Pairing a cute pair of jeans with some flats and a comfortable, seasonable top is a great look. The air temperature can change throughout the airport, and you might find yourself feeling a bit chilly, so be sure to bring a sweater of some sort along for the trip. It wouldn’t look cute if your favorite heels broke, or your dress was riding up and you didn’t know it. Nor would it be attractive if you were fighting the battle of the bulge in a pair of too-tight jeans. If you want to wear your favorite pair of VS sweats, go for it! Whatever is comfortable to you is a great option.

Stylish woman in an airport terminal.

Layer Your Clothing
Layering your clothing is a fabulous way to dress for the occasion without having to make stops to the bathroom to change clothes completely. Rather than wear a simple tank top alone, opt for a tank or cami with an off the shoulder sweater or shirt over it. This way, if you get hot, you can take off the second shirt and wear the tank. Layering tanks one over the other is also a very cute look that is stylish, comfortable, and practical.

Woman going to the airport

Plan for A Change in Weather
Wherever you’re headed off to on your flight, the climate might be dramatically different from where you’re leaving from. Be sure to plan accordingly in regard to your travel. If you’re headed from Florida to England, the weather will most likely be significantly different – and that might make for a miserable trip if you find yourself cold and uncomfortable. This is where you can apply the layering principle, or even check out the location’s weather online wherever you’re traveling to, to plan your outfit accordingly.

Stylish woman wearing a red dress in an airport.

Stay Stylish
You can mix both style and comfort together. Just because you’re dressing comfortably, doesn’t mean you can’t find some common ground between the two. Opt for items that are trendy and fun, and especially seasonal, to look your best. A girl’s best friend are accessories – be sure to wear them to incorporate some ‘me’ pieces into your style, and look fashion forward when you travel. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, and hair accessories are all great implementations to your overall look.