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Hair…oh how our entire look is impacted by it! We’ve all looked back on past hair styles and thought “what was I thinking?” As we get older, our hair is something that can help enhance our looks or…make us appear older than we are. No one wants that! Don’t let your hair style age you. May seem like an obvious statement, but we wanted to dive in a little deeper to share some of the common mistakes women tend to make with their hair styles that actually make them appear older than they are.

Super Long Locks
Really long hair has been a big trend recently (thanks to the Kardashians…and Cher). But many experts stress that hair that’s super long, anything past your ribs in length, tends to age you. This isn’t to say that you can’t rock long locks, especially if you love your hair long. But keeping your hair a bit shorter than rib length can help ensure that your hair style isn’t aging you, and will continue to flatter you. Taking that a step further, many hair stylists suggest emphasizing on having shorter layers closer to your face to further emphasize this factor. In addition, if your hair begins to become thinner as you get older longer hair tends to emphasize that and can age you. If you’re experiencing thinning in your hair you’ll definitely want to take some of the length off.

Not Having Any Layers
According to many hair stylists, another common hair style mistake  women tend to make that ages them is not having any layers incorporated into their hair. Layers tends to add more depth and volume to the hair, making you appear more youthful and flattered. When your hair is all one length, without any layers added it tends to cause you to look older because of the lack of definition and volume into your hair style.

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Hair That’s Too Light
There is such a thing as having hair color that’s too light. Your hair is too light when it’s very close to your skin’s complexion. When your hair is very close in color to your complexion you tend to appear more washed out, and older. Warming up, and darkening the hair (just a bit!) can help to add a bit of contrast. Of course, be sure that it’s not TOO much contrast to fall into the above mentioned.

Hair That’s Too Dark 
Another common mistake made in hair styles for women is sticking with hair color that’s just too dark. Lightening up your hair color can help create a more youthful glow in your hair and overall look. When staying with hair that’s very dark, it tends to emphasize any thinning that you may be experiencing in your hair and it’s been said that the contrast between very dark hair and fair skin brings more attention to wrinkles and fine lines. Yikes! Instead of sticking with super dark hair, try lightening up the color a bit to make sure you’re not falling into any of those categories.