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Have you been spending time focusing on getting your skin ready for the summer season? That’s great! But don’t forget to get your hair ready, too. Our hair is put through quite a bit of change as the seasons transition from winter to spring and summer. The climate goes from being cold and dry to warm and humid throughout most parts of the country. One of the best ways to give your hair a nice healthy fresh start is by detoxing. Detoxing isn’t just drinking green juices anymore! We have some tips on how you can detox your strands before summer to start the season off on the right foot.

Use a Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Deep cleansing shampoos are exactly what they sound like, they give your hair a nice deep cleanse/clean. We all tend to have a lot of buildup of product and oil in our hair and scalp and taking the time to use a deep cleansing shampoo is a great way to detox and start fresh for your locks. While you’re going about using a deep cleansing shampoo make sure you really focus on your scalp and get the product to that area as well.

Step Up The Conditioning Practice
Regardless of your hair type, we all need to give our hair a lot of moisture and conditioning. This is especially true now that we’re coming out of the dry winter months. Your hair is likely lacking some natural moisture and needs an extra dose of conditioning. One of the best ways to give your hair that extra dose of conditioning is to add a deep conditioning mask/treatment into your routine. This is a great way to really focus on the conditioning benefits for your hair. When our hair is well moisturized and conditioned its much stronger and healthier making this a necessary step when focusing on detoxing the hair for summer.

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Take a Break from Heat
Heated hair styling is a part of most women’s daily hair routine. But the truth is that even when you use caution and the right hair care products when using heated styling tools they can put a lot of stress on your hair. One of the best ways to really detox your strands before the summer is to take some time to give your hair a break from heat. Try working with non-heat hair styling practices for a few days (or even a week) and cut back on the amount of days you do use heat for a while. This will give your hair a chance to have a break from the heat and help heal it a bit.

Back Off on the Hair Color
Similar to heat, using hair color in your hair is a common practice. Experts suggest that when you’re really wanting to give your hair a nice healthy detox, having your hair as close to your natural color as possible for a while is a great step to take. It allows your hair to need less maintenance, giving your hair a nice break from the constant coloring for a while.