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Taking care of our skin is a daily ritual. Chances are you have your typical skin care routine that you follow on a daily basis. We all spend time, money and energy taking care of our skin. It always seems like there are new and exciting products hitting the market that promise to help us take care of our skin even better as time goes on. But the thing about our skin, is it’s not just the skin care products that we need to be focusing on. Other things we do and wear on a daily basis could be having an impact on our skin, and you may not even realize it. Could your clothes be ruining your skin? We’re discussing a bit more about what we’ve found relating to this to keep you in the know.

Now that we got your attention, you probably really are thinking “could your clothes be ruining your skin?”  Well, in our search to find the real answer to this question we did find some less than thrilling results. It turns out that yes, certain things in our clothes could be ruining our skin. Now like anything else in life, it’s not ALL of your clothes and there are certain things in your clothes that are the culprit. You know we are always eager to make sure that we’re keeping you well informed so we want to give you the details before you panic.

So the thing is, it’s not the actual clothes that could be hurting your skin. It’s more so the products that are used to clean your clothes that could be doing damage to your skin. If you’re a frequent dry-cleaning type of person with your clothes, experts suggest removing the plastic from your clothes as soon as possible. Because most dry cleaners use chemicals to clean the clothes, keeping your clothes in the plastic for too long can cause those chemicals to really get trapped on the clothes and when you then go to wear them they end up on your skin causing a lot of irritation. So the best way to help eliminate some of that is to remove the plastic as soon as you can, to get your closed exposed to fresh air and air out those chemicals.

In addition to the dry cleaning, many people have found that using certain harsh detergents and other cleaning products on their clothes can cause irritation. Just like the dry cleaning struggle, when we use products that are harsh for our skin we continue the cycle of causing our skin to be irritated every time we wear our clothes. If you’ve been finding that you’re struggling with skin irritation and can’t seem to figure out the culprit, it could be because of the laundry products you’re using on your clothes. In this case, it’s not a bad idea to switch to something that could be less severe on your skin. So in the end, it’s really about the products used on our clothes to clean them that could be doing damage to our skin. When our skin is constantly put through irritation, it can begin to ruin and cause damage that’s hard to reverse.