Woman examining her skin

The thing about our skin is it can change often.   With so many different skin care tips, tricks and treatments at our access we’re left wondering what the real answers to our skin problems are.  Having dry patches develop on our skin can be frustrating, especially when we’re not sure where they came from or what we should even do about them.  So we’re going to go over some of the common causes of dry patches and some treatments that can help you get on a better path to getting rid of those dry patches.

Internal Health Issues
If you notice you get dry, red patches around your body with no real sign of explanation it can be because of an internal health problem.  Psoriasis is a common condition that has dry, red patches like this.  However, it can also be because of thyroid struggles or even diabetes.  Our internal health can have a major effect on our skin’s natural state which is why it can come out in our skin as dry, red patches like this.  If you’re finding this is what you’re struggling with, it’s advised to seek your medical professional to see if any particular medications you’re taking could be impacting this or even adding the use of a prescription strength cream to help alleviate the symptoms.  However if you’re not ready to see your medical professional, many experts suggest trying different moisturizers.  You’ll need something super moisturizing and creamy to help with the very dry patches.  But if you’ve already tried this route, see your specialist.

Hormone/ Aging Changes
Our hormones and age can also be factors when it comes to our skin.  If you’ve experienced any hormonal changes or noticed your skin overall changing because of anything age-related it could be the cause of dry patches that are developing on your skin.  If you feel this is the case for you, try making a skin care product switch.  Since your skin overall can be experiencing some changes it probably has different needs altogether so try adding something with more moisturizing/anti-aging elements to it.  Additionally, make it more of a routine to be applying moisturizing products all over your body daily.

Weather Changes
You’ve likely noticed that your skin changes from season to season.   If you’re experiencing dry patches in your skin and you’ve been in drier climates/environments (i.e. either outside or sitting in the air conditioning a lot), that could be to blame for your dry patches.  Experts suggest trying to add a humidifier to the place you’re in often to add more moisture into the air to give your skin some of that moisture.  Also, make sure you’re using moisturizing products in the most sensitive areas of your skin to help give your skin more of a barrier to the dry climate/environment.

While there can be a ton of different causes when it comes to dry patches on your skin, these are some of the most common reasons in our research.  Have you developed dry patches recently, for reasons different than these?