A woman outdoors dressed in bohemian style

Effortless, easy and free-spirited are all synonymous for what many of us like to apply to our style. Of course, like with any particular style,you’re drawn to you can reach a point where you feel like you’ve run out of different ways to wear your hair in line with that style. Since we know so many women tend to air on that bohemian side of style, we thought we would give you a little bohemian inspiration. Here are a few bohemian styles to get you through summer in style.

Waves With A Scarf Accessory
We certainly don’t need to tell you how gorgeous beachy waves are for the summer, especially when you enjoy bohemian style. Beachy, effortless waves are pretty much a must for this time of year. But if you’ve been rocking those beachy waves and you want something with a little bit of a different twist, we have a stylish option for you. One of our favorite ways to stick with embracing those beachy waves, but make it feel a little different at the same time, is by adding a scarf wrapped around your head. Scarves help to add that effortless bohemian feel we all know and love and adding it to beachy waves just makes sense. You can do this in a variety of different ways, one of our personal favorite ways is to use a longer silk scarf and tie it around your forehead and tie it in the back of your head so it rests over your hair.

Half Bun Style
Bun hair styles are perfect for those days when you just want to get your hair out of your face, but they also happen to be perfect for embracing that effortless bohemian style in your hair in the summer time. Creating that beachy, effortless texture you love this time of year tie your hair back into a half up style. Instead of leaving your hair down in the half up style, use that hair to create a messy bun. You can play around with this style to create that undone type of style that’s so synonymous with bohemian style.

Woman with pigtail braids strike a pose

Pigtail Braids
Braids are another easy go-to style this time of year, and for bohemian style. They have that effortless vibe, and ability to be worn in so many different ways but truthfully one of our favorite hair styles this year is all about keeping it simple with the pigtail braids. Of course, you can add your bohemian twist by really emphasizing the natural texture of your hair/incorporating the beachy waves into your hair before you style the pigtail braids. Leaving a few pieces out to frame your face help to further add to that undone, bohemian look and feel that you love, because really the less perfect it is the more bohemian it feels.

If we’re being honest, we could go on ALL day long with different bohemian hair styles to get you through the summer but these are a few of our favorites to get you started.