For many, that slow, Labor Day walk through the doors separating the community pool from the parking lot sealed the deal on summer. With pools gearing up for winter mode, beaches populated now by more surf-fishing, shell-collecting retirees than hot summer bods parading, pier to pier, there is no getting around it: time to get the back-to-school mindset. Let’s say you’ve already taken care of your accessories, from a really cool, techno-supportive backpack, and your list of supplies is a done deal. Shoes? Check. Jewelry? Check. Handbag? Check. Transportation? Check. Now, it’s time to make sure you go back looking your best, ever! With no time to waste, check out these great tips to give you the edge this year.

Packaged Deals
Additionally, for students heading back, many salons are offering package deals of select services that are most likely to be needed. One, often included service found in these packages is a facial. Facials can be customized for different skin types and conditions, and are a great way to show up in the halls with a special glow that will have everyone guessing what’s different about you. Check around with your local salons to inquire about packaged services for back to school affordability.

Teen girl getting a haircut.

There’s nothing like a fresh new do for providing a new energy surge to your look. This is not to say that the always-lovely long, big full hair isn’t still big. 2015 cuts most trending include the wavy bob, and the deep side part is making a big splash. Consider a do from a nice variety of funky, untamed pixies; extending to mid length cuts. Those wispy bangs of 2014 are becoming a lot more voluminous. Other bob cuts include both direct, single layers and asymmetrically-clipped coifs. Get some amazing braiding done just before that big day for a lot of wow-factor.

Nailing it
Definitely time for a manicure! Medium length to shorter styles are the thing, and check out the new bumpy, textured polishes and their configurations of color. Metal-manis are adding different forms of nail shimmer, with gold, copper, silver and bronze. Nail bling your nails to show your unabashed creativity, or go for the salon’s most blackened shade of red they offer.

Young woman getting a hair treatment in a salon.

Hair Treatments
After a summer-full of fun in the sun, and maybe trying out some new color zing for your hair, chances are you’re going to want to make sure you give back to your hair, with one of the great trending treatments that are especially good for colored hair that you want to keep. For naturally colored tresses, in-salon hair treatments offer every bit of restoration-power that facials provide faces. Dull, dry and brittle hair of all types can be improved by the right salon treatment for each type. Nanomax is another way to infuse proteins into your hair by a mist-releasing, hair-brushing. This innovative brush releases more than mist, as there’s a first brushing with the brush-mist applying a luxurious conditioning treatment. The second brushing applies a strengthening, protein-infusing vapor. Wonderful for anyone who enjoys the feeling of having their hair brushed, too!

Just Browsing
The most popular trend in brow definition (and unwanted hair removal further south,) is threading. Superior to tweezing, waxing or sugaring, the demand for threading is growing in salons everywhere. It’s less painful, and best for tender skin. Get the perfect brows before you head back.